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Reach to millions of publishers which you can publish your ads from one panel. With large inventory options you can publish ads on publisher sites from Turkey or from another countries.

Millions of publishers from outside in one panel

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Lower prices and easy ads creating panel.

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Integrated with biggest ad networks of World.


Adhood RTB Bidder

Adhood RTB bidder defines ad spaces that you can get higher performance, suitable for your unit cost and publishs your ad here.

How powerful is our platform?
  • Large inventory options

    Eliminate the boundaries of your ads with adhood DSP by targeting inventory from each country.

  • Real-time statistics

    Monitor your campaign performance in real time – and improve your performance in real-time.

  • Transparency

    While you create your campaign, see all publishers, size of ad spaces and the price of ad spaces in a transparent manner.

  • Product Data Transfer with XML

    Using XML services, transfer and analyze your data on time, and improve your campaign performance further

Performance Management
  • Conversion tracking

    Track campaign conversionsin real time with real time statistics and inrease your campaign performance by optimizing targeted sites or targeting options.

  • Frequency capping

    Limit ad delivery to your target audience in a given time period.

  • Budget management

    Distribute and allocate budget into the campaigns; define daily limits and stay in control.

  • Time management

    Run your campaign at the right time in order to get most out of it.

Targeting Options
  • Geographic targeting

    Reach your target audience in specific locations; country, city.

  • Time targeting

    Reach your target audience in specific time span of the day or week.

  • Technical targeting

    Reach your target audience with the most relevant specifics such as browsers, devices, screen resolutions and browser languages.

  • Mobile targeting

    Reach your target audience on mobile devices, carriers and platforms.

  • Retargeting

    Display your ads to visitors who have visited your site before.