Self Service Advertisement Platform
Self service advertisement platform
The platform is easy to use, available for any budget and for everyone.
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Targeting Options
In a short way you can reach sales and marketing goals that you have decided way by working with adhood ®
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Time Targeting
  • Frekans Determination
  • Tecnical Targeting
  • Retargeting
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Sell your own website
With adhood, you can have your ad sales platform:
Simple and Fast: price your advertising inventory and immediately start selling online to your as-is and new advertisers.
You can review a live publisher case in here:
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Maximum Gain
For creating the most valuable advertisement fields for you, not just adhood advertisers at the same time Google advertisers were included in the our system.
Moreover, when your webpage has 3 adsense code you would add four more code through Google networks like Criteo, Yahoo, Next Performence as integrated adhood network.
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Mobile Targeting
With mobile targeting, you can decide mobile device, operators and operating systems to publish your ads.
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Banner Options
adhood ® , offers you the right tools to the rapidly changing environment of digital advertising.
  • Image Banner
  • Flash Banner
  • Rich Media Banner (so soon)
  • Video Banner (so soon)
  • Search+Contextual (searching)
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for Advertisers
Get visitors and feedbacks by publishing your company's ads on adhood network and partner networks of adhood.
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for Publishers
Be one of the 130 thousand targeted publishers by using ads code on your website, start to earn.
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for Webmasters
Analyze your website and visitors. Use collected data on other adhood ® services.
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for Agencies
Create your own inventory, monitor performances of your campaigns and ads in real time.
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for Networks
Create your own network, sell ads space of your websites and monitor their performances in real time.
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